Chiltern Brewery 3 1/2 Pint Refillable Growler

Chiltern Brewery 3 1/2 Pint Refillable Growler

The easiest way to keep your beer fresher for longer and help protect the environment!

Our brand new 3 1/2 pint growlers are made of stainless steel so that when you next pick up your fresh, draught beer from the brewery, you can be sure that your award-winning real ale will be kept fresher for longer.

The benefits don’t end there though… as the growlers are reusable, they are much better for the environment and help to reduce our use of plastic. As a thank you for helping us with this cause, we offer a 25p per growler discount for all draught beer poured into a growler.

Our growlers can also be purchased with a ‘Fill Voucher’ that can be exchanged at the brewery shop for 3 1/2 pints of your favourite Chiltern Brewery draught beer… a perfect present!

Please see below for growler care instructions

Growler care instructions

  1. Keep cool (ideally 12C) and store upright;
  2. Drink within four days of purchase or two days of opening;
  3. Once finished, wash with hot soapy water, rinse and air dry;
  4. Return for more!