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20th November 2018

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Imperial Stouts – 2018 Vintage

Three Stout Fellows!

The feedback on our 2018 Vintage of Imperial Stouts has been wonderful to hear! Each beer is truly unique in character and celebrates the tradition of Imperial Stouts – dark beers that were sent to the Baltic in the 1800s.  This year’s Stouts build on the success of the 2017 Vintage to offer an indulgently rewarding beer-drinking experience. For any true real ale lover, these are not to be missed.

Available individually or in a beautiful gift 3 pack, these will match winter foods perfectly and are all suitable for vegetarians too.

We are now delighted to offer them online too:~

Export Original 9% vol – silky smooth, dark, intensely deep roasted notes
“Everything an Imperial Stout should be!”

Oak Aged 7.5% vol – creamy & smooth, black, rewarding finish
“Lovingly aged for 18 months!”

Tudor Spiced 8.5% vol – velvety smooth, dark, complex with notes of cinnamon & vanilla
“A hearty beer for a hearty feast!”

A Pack of 3 (1 of each)
“The perfect Christmas gift for a real ale lover.”

Imperial splendour in a bottle!