Gluten Free Beers

Are you one of the 12 million Britons now choosing Gluten-Free products? If so, look no further for your beer needs …

We are very pleased to say that several of our bottled beers are now certified as GLUTEN-FREE.  A growing number of people now live with gluten intolerance or are coeliac, and we know that many of our customers would like to reduce their consumption of gluten.

Our high quality brewing process means that we haven’t had to do anything different to our beers – so nothing has been added or taken away. The gluten from the barley and malts is broken down during our fermentation and filtration process making them safe for gluten intolerant consumers. We are therefore delighted to say that you can enjoy the same award winning beer with friends and at home with family in the knowledge that it is gluten free.

The following beers are currently in our gluten free range – available  to buy online or at our brewery shop:-

We want to ensure that we keep our certification process transparent so that all consumers can make their own informed choice. The scientific process looks for less than 20 parts per million of trace gluten in the sample tested to be classified as gluten free and this means that any product with very small traces of gluten can be classified as such. We can guarantee that our batches are tested to ensure that you are only drinking beer within these safe limits.