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Glad Tidings Winter Stout 4.6% – 500ml

“Award winning, superb black sweet stout with a unique style and flavour.”

Brewed with four malts, two spices and fruit for a truly complex and exceptionally well-balanced stout.

Mini Casks

The freshest way to enjoy our beers at home and at parties.


Monday to Saturday 10am – 5pm.


Some of our collection

Oatmeal Stout, 330ml bottle 4.4%

Very dark ruby, with a rich tan head when poured in a glass. A smooth stout, with complex coffee and roast flavours.  Brewed with 6 grains producing a velvety smooth finish.

Three Hundreds Reserve, 330ml bottle, 6.5%

300s Old Ale is consistently one of our most popular bottled beers, and the opportunity to brew an export strength version was one we couldn’t resist!

Christmas Ale - 4.6% - 100cl

Our Christmas Ale is brewed but once a year, and when it is, it brings good cheer!

Presented in a fantastic glass flagon, with a flip-top and hand-tied beer mat label.




Barely There 330ml can

A revolution in low strength beer

We are very excited about launching this beer.

A brand new beer, but one with a big difference (or two if you include the very low strength).

Barely There is a beer that is very closely related to our Barley Wine. In fact, they are siblings. But it’s not that you would spot the family resemblance.



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