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Hello autumn, hello Copper Beech

As the nights draw in and the season turns, taste buds naturally seek a more robust and rewarding pint… which is exactly where our good friend Copper Beech comes in!

Now available online and from our brewery shop. Copper Beech is a 4.4% copper-coloured ale with a smooth, burnt orange flavour profile.

Opening Times

Monday – Saturday 10-5pm

Sundays Closed

Located on an old working farm in the heart of the Chiltern Hills

We are George and Tom Jenkinson, brothers and directors of our family run brewery. Founded in 1980 by our father and mother, Richard and Lesley Jenkinson, we remain the oldest independent brewery in the Chiltern Hills and Buckinghamshire.

Some of our collection

Session IPA 330ml can 3.9%

“A perfect marriage of heritage and innovation!”

Session IPA is our first ever beer to be canned and we think the results speak for themselves. The refreshing citrus notes of Session IPA perfectly complement the can to create a portable drinking experience that will reward you time & time again.

Chiltern Pale Ale 3.7%

“Excellent quaffing ale – light and refreshing.”

Designed as an aperitif or as a drink on its own. Relatively light in colour, with a creamy smoothness, it has a good definition on the palate and a refreshing, cleansing finish.



Beechwood Bitter 4.3%

“The brewery flagship – a hearty and well-rounded beer.”

Mid amber colour with a rich butter-toffee aroma. Fruity and slightly nutty.



Three Hundreds Dark Old Ale 5.0%

“Award winning, robust, full-flavoured, dark old ale with real depth of flavour and a long finish.”

A classic in the true tradition of old ales. Satisfyingly dark but not impenetrable, good body but not overpowering, with a long pleasing finish.


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