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11th September 2017

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Bodger’s is a Top 50 Great Taste Award Product

Not only was our Bodger’s Barley Wine awarded 3 Star Great Taste Award success recently, but out of the 165 other 3 star winners has now been crowned a Top 50 Winner for 2017.

The only beer this year to have achieved such recognition, it really has made us all very proud at the brewery and is testament to the continued meticulously high standards of our brewery team.

Described as “Hoppy, balanced and fruity on the palate, this bottle-conditioned, golden chestnut barley wine slipped down easily around the judging table. A cloud ale, suitable for vegans, it tastes less strong than it is and boasts a long-lasting caramel finish.”

It makes a perfect table beer for drinking like wine, which matches really well with red meat, fish, stews and all cheeses, it also helps rich desserts slip down a treat!

We are also delighted that renowned Beer Writer, Roger Protz, has made it his Beer of the Month and gives a wonderful outline of the history of this superb drink.