Test Mash Special 2.2%

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Test Mash Special 2.2%

Back for a limited time only!

The first stage of the brewing process is when malted barley is mixed with hot brewing liquor (or brewing water!) to extract the goodness from the grist that will later be converted to beer, this is known as ‘mashing’. At the end of the process, the remaining spent grain is collected by our local farmer as cattle feed… he’s said to have the happiest cows in Buckinghamshire!

But a few weeks ago our Brewers brewed a batch of our renown Bodger’s Barley Wine. Being such a strong beer the residual mash still has plenty of goodness left in it and rather than immediately dig it out and send it off to the farmer, they decided to perform a second brew with it to see what they could create, and the result is this stunning low-alcohol ale!

Hopped with six hops, an enticing peach aroma invites you in to a well balanced drinking experience that will keep you refreshed all evening. Brewed on our smaller Pilot Kit, there are less than 700 pints available. So don’t delay… get yours today!


2.2% vol

Collection Details

  • We recommend that you collect your beer as close to the drinking date as you can (1 – 2 days ideally – or same day if ready racked) to ensure best quality at the time of drinking.
  • Orders can be collected from 12 hours after placement (please note we are closed on Sunday).
  • Please collect your beer within normal shop opening hours (link to opening times).

Firkin Equipment Loan (Card details held until return of firkin)

  • Barrel
  • Tap
  • Cradle
  • Rubber Mallet
  • Jacket

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What type do I need?

Can I settle the beer for 12 hours before serving? If yes, then order cask conditioned beer. If not then order ready racked.

Note: This item is for collection only.


Limited edition whilst stocks last

Allergy advice

Contains barley, wheat (gluten)