Test Mash Special 2.2% – 8¾ Pints/5L

Test Mash Special 2.2% – 8¾ Pints/5L

A key part of the brewing process is when malted barley is mixed with hot water (known in the brewing industry as liquor!) to extract the sugars from the grain that will later be converted to alcohol, this is known as ‘mashing’. At the end of the process, the remaining spent grain is given to our local farmer as cattle feed… he’s said to have the happiest cows in Buckinghamshire! But a few weeks ago, The Brewers kept a small amount of spent grain from a Bodger’s Barley Wine brew back for a small experiment. They re-brewed with the residual mash to see what they could create, and the result is this stunning low-alcohol ale! An enticing peach aroma invites you in to a full-bodied drinking experience that will keep you refreshed during these warm May days. Brewed on our smaller Pilot Kit, there are less than 700 pints available. So don’t delay… get yours today!

8¾ pints / 5 L 



3.9% vol


Limited edition whilst stocks last

Allergy advice

Contains barley, wheat (gluten)