Salted Caramel Ale 4.4% – 8¾ Pints/5L

Salted Caramel Ale 4.4% – 8¾ Pints/5L

“The perfect salted caramel taste without being overpowering”

Returning for 2019, Salted Caramel Ale is the perfect beer to enjoy with good company whilst huddled around the fire. The gentle salted caramel taste provides a wonderfully balanced sweetness that makes Salted Caramel Ale a surprisingly good session partner.

8¾ pints / 5 L

Available throughout November 2019



4.4% vol

Recipe Information

Style: Winter amber ale
Description: Gentle salted caramel notes
Alcohol by Volume: 4.4%
European Bitterness Units:
Colour: Amber

Serving Suggestions

Temperature 12 C
Glassware: Pint handle or conical
Food Matching: Spicy meat dishes, cheeses & rich desserts

Allergy advice

Contains barley, wheat (gluten) & lactose


Throughout November 2019