Gosnells’ Vintage Mead, 12%

Gosnells’ Vintage Mead, 12%


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Gosnells’ Vintage Mead, 12%

“A refreshing and rewarding drink crafted for celebration”

Gosnells are passionate about reviving traditional British mead and innovating its flavours for modern palettes – a mission that we can resonate with! By carefully selecting the British honey they use for fermentation, Gosnells consistently produce great-tastings meads.

Gosnells’ Vintage Mead exclusively uses London honey with a combination of their house yeast and a robust wine yeast to create a highly rewarding 12% mead.

Gosnells were kind enough to describe the flavour profile of their 2019 Vintage for us:  “Raw London honey gives this mead intense melon and tropical aromas, with complex floral and herbaceous notes”

Single serving 750ml bottle with a premium wax seal.


12% vol

Allergy advice

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