Table Beer 2.0% – 8¾ Pints/5L

Table Beer 2.0% – 8¾ Pints/5L

Celebrating the traditional style of table beers, our modern day Table Beer is the result of over 12 months tweaking & improving to create a perfect low-alcohol ale.

From their origins in Belgium & France, table beers have always been session beers that are brewed to a low ABV so they can be enjoyed continuously throughout the day. Whilst we can’t condone all-day drinking, our Table Beer does make for a great session partner.

Packing the same amount of ingredients and flavour of a stronger beer, Table Beer offers delightful marmalade notes with a malty base.

So whether you’re cutting back or not this January, you can be sure of a great pint with Table Beer!

Limited edition seasonal beer for January 2019

8¾ pints / 5 L


2.0% vol

Serving Suggestions

Temperature 12 C
Glassware: Pint handle or conical
Food Matching: Salads, Chicken & Pork, Fish
Cellar Conditions: Store cool and dark and drink within best before

Allergy advice

Contains barley, wheat (gluten)


January (limited)