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15th November 2018

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Chiltern Brewery reveals their new gins!

It’s been nearly impossible to keep this a secret… but we are extremely proud to say that our two brand new gins are now available in-store and online!

The result of over 12 months of hard work to make sure both of the gins are absolutely perfect, we have poured our heart & soul into the gins along with everything that makes the Chilterns so special to all of us.

The first gin, Chiltern Original Dry Gin, is a fresh & lively gin that brings the tastebuds to life and transports you to the rolling hills, fresh air and crystal-clear streams of the Chilterns.

Our second gin, Chiltern 3 Hops Dry Gin, is one of England’s very first to successfully use British hops that create a wonderfully balanced aroma that dances between floral & earthy notes with a healthy juniper base.

With both gins coming in at 45% and featuring the best of juniper, Chiltern Original Dry Gin and Chiltern 3 Hops Dry Gin pay homage to the great British gin tradition whilst also adding a respectful modern twist.

You can find both Chiltern gins in our brewery store, at the King’s Head in Aylesbury and in our online store.